M. I(高校2年模擬国連部)
Before this philosophy session, I had very minimal knowledge and experience about philosophy. However, through the session, we got to discuss about various topics such as “can we be certain that we are human.” It helped me to get a good idea of what philosophy is. Every student who participated in the session participated in each discussion actively. I believe that this enabled us to have a great discussion overall. I was able to learn so much from every person in this program, and I would love to participate in another one in the future.

W. H(高校2年ESS部)
Through this workshop, I was able to gain new philosophical ideas. Before the beginning of the session, I was not sure I could follow an all-English session, which I had never joined before. At first, I was not able to actively express my opinions, but I listened to the opinions of other participants and built my own ideas. If there is an opportunity like this again, I would like to be able to express my opinions more.

M. K(高校1年模擬国連部)
Being able to freely air my opinions and thoughts on such deep philosophical questions with other people was a wonderful experience! We discussed many different things from various angles and perspectives, looking at otherwise everyday things in completely different ways that many of us would never have thought of before. It also helped us practice talking in front of a crowd, which is something you need to be able to do when you are in the Model United Nations Club. I had a lovely time and I would love to participate in another session in the future!