模擬国連部 「英語哲学オンラインセッション」に参加




L. Fukuda:
I really enjoyed talking about philosophy which is a subject that is not very common in daily life. Therefore, I want to thank the teachers that gave me an opportunity to talk about it. I was able to express my feelings towards philosophy and I could learn several Greek tales which were stupendous.

A. Bates:
Before I attended this session, I was nervous that I would say something wrong. However, all the ideas were accepted in the session so I was very surprised. I learned a lot of things from this session. The biggest discovery was that, even if I thought something was wrong, there’s a possibility it actually might not be wrong. I will use this lesson in my daily life. And if I find something that I don’t like or I think is wrong, I will try to think about the possibility that it may be right. I had so much fun listening to all the different opinions and ideas.

M. Hoshi:
Through this workshop, I thought of something we can do for the Model United Nations club in our school. Until now, we have had club activities online due to the outbreak of the corona virus, however, when we can start club activities in school, the current Year 2 students have discussed additional small discussions and activities we can do in English for those who want to join. The activities will not be related to the MUN club conference as it will be unfair to those who are taking part in other club activities. I thought that creating a time to have small discussions like, “What do you think about Schrodinger’s cat?” or “Is it wrong to be too intelligent?” with interested members might be a great way to make our club more interesting and even more English-orientated. Thanks to this workshop, I thought I would like to have club activities more often.