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Principal’s Message

FUJIMIGAOKA HIGH SCHOOL for GIRLS is a six-year private junior and senior girls’ high school which was founded in 1940. Our institution aims to foster prominent and sophisticated “young Japanese ladies”. Our ultimate educational aspiration is to develop exceptional adolescents who understand and respect others and the surmounting differences of the languages and customs in the globalised information society. The “young ladies” whom we nurture are encouraged to embrace the spirit of “Chujo” (Compassion). We hope that they understand that people should always consider the viewpoints of others, and must not be egocentric. It is not an easy task in today’s society. However, this is all the more reason why we strive to pursue these ideals and expect students to reach for, and attain, these lofty principles of compassion. It has been our consistant educational mission since the establishment of the school and has continued to guide and affirm our policies during our seventy years of educational experience.We push ahead toward the cultivation of the next generation of young women. Our school is built to withstand earthquakes and fires.
Our building is designed to ensure the security and safety of all of our students as well as to promote the protection of the environment.