オーストラリアの姉妹校からの留学生 Hannahさん


オーストラリアのシドニーにある姉妹校Santa Sabina CollegeからHannah Nguyenさん が留学に来ています。Hannahさんは、1月9日から1月25日まで高校1年生のクラスで勉強しました。とても明るく、積極的なHannahさんは、授業やクラブで貴重な経験をし、多くの新しい友人をつくったようです。

以下は 富士見丘での経験についてのHannahさんの感想です。

■ My experience at Fujimigaoka High School

Within three weeks of my stay at FujimigaokaHigh School, I have learnt a lot about the Japanese language and culture. It has been an enriching experience and I felt so privileged to be a part of the Fujimigaoka community.

During the first few days, I was surprised at how clean the school was. I learnt that before Japanese students enter the school, they take off their school shoes and wear `uwabaki’ and before leaving the school, all the students help to clean the school. I was also surprised that students bow and greet the teacher at the beginning and the end of every lesson. Witnessing and experiencing Japanese school life was a golden moment for me.

At first I found it a bit difficult to settle in, because my Japanese speaking skills was quite rusty. However, the teachers and students here were so warm, welcoming and attentive, that after a few days at school, I felt like the school was my home. Attending 1C Class with my host sister, Marina Seki, was the best opportunity for me to interact with Japanese students and make new friends. Everyone always got excited when I spoke in English and they kept on saying `Sugoi’, and I would usually laugh because I found it funny. On my birthday, the whole class sang a happy birthday song for me and held a party. It was the best birthday I`ve had so far. As for the lessons, PE and Oral Communication were my favourite lessons, only because it was easy for me to understand. Other lessons, such as Japanese, science and history, were too advanced for my level of Japanese. However, I didn’t need to worry because the school kindly placed me in the Junior High School classes, where I could understand some of the things the students were learning.

On the last week of school, I took one on one lessons for calligraphy and cooking and it found it very enjoyable. Before taking calligraphy lessons, my painting skills were terrible! Now it has improved immensely, and I have developed a new interest in calligraphy. I also participated in Shorinji club [Chinese martial art] with my classmates, which I found challenging, but it was a valuable experience as it really built up my confidence.

Overall, my experience at FujimigaokaHigh School is something I shall never forget. I never felt bored and lonely because the school offered me a wide range of activities to do every day and the people here are so kind and supportive. If I had the opportunity to go on an exchange to Japan again, I would definitely revisit Fujimigaoka.